Aero Club Valkaria

The social club that flies

"A social club that flies" is our motto. The purpose of our club is to provide well maintained aircraft to our club members, while providing a social aspect. Safety, proficiency, and fun are our club's goals.


Up Coming Social Events- 2019

Every Thursday, October-June, (11:30-1400) Old Farts fly away. Destinations announced weekly. Join 100 pilots and 50 classic airplanes for a great lunch and fellowship. Hosted by Roger Brown with events at a different airport in Florida each week.

Second Saturday of every month: club fly away to a fun destination (0900 brief).

Third Saturday of every month:   Club monthly safety meeting and educational presentation. Washing of airplanes, lunch (10:00).

Last Saturday of every month:  Club Happy Hour (1800-2100). BYOB and BYOF-this is a very fun event!

Flour bombing contest- Memorial Day weekend

Pumpkin Drop contest-around Halloween

Like life, flying is best shared!

We are a social flying club located at X59, Valkaria Florida, which is 10 miles south of Melbourne International Airport, in the Space Coast region of Central Florida.

This club is the dream of Frank Gallagher. Frank, a professional pilot and flight instructor, who was dismayed by the number of pilots who get their Private Pilot license, and within a year left flying. He realized that after the thrill of obtaining the license had passed, pilots get bored with flying for the $100 hamburger. Using yacht clubs as a model, whose members include only 10% owners, Frank created a club that provided an ownership like experience while adding in the social and educational aspect that would attract owners and pilots alike. 

In researching flying clubs, it was realized that flying clubs fail for many of the same reasons:

1. Some members do all the work, others do none of the work, thereby fostering resentment among the members.

2. Poor leadership and financial controls.

3. Certain members do not clean up the aircraft after using it, upsetting the others.

4. Damage to a club aircraft that takes months to repair, or poor or slow maintenance due to financial constraints.

These concerns are eliminated by Frank providing management of the club.

Our club concept is unique. Aero Club Valkaria is a business, incorporated as Aero Valkaria, LLC in the State of Florida. Members pay an annual due, and then an hourly fee for aircraft usage. Members pay their own gas. There are no monthly dues, or aircraft buy-in required. The annual fee covers the fixed costs, hangar-age and insurance, and the hourly fee covers the operating costs of the aircraft. Rates are adjusted on an annual basis.

There are three levels of membership intended to satisfy a wide range of pilot interests. Gold Wings membership is for our members who want to fly a multi-engine/complex IFR equipped aircraft. Silver Wings membership is for our members who want to fly a complex/high performance IFR equipped aircraft.  Bronze Wings membership in for our members who want to fly a basic four seat aircraft. The higher level of membership allows you to fly any of the aircraft in the lower membership levels. All membership levels offer club house privileges and airport entry key. We want you to treat our aircraft and clubhouse hangar as if it were yours.

Our model is based on the concept that safety is our number one priority. We insure this by requiring our members to maintain  60 day currency, fly 24 hours per year, complete an  insurance checkout flight, offer ground schools for additional ratings throughout the year, provide excellent onsite maintenance, and maintain some of the best insurance coverage in the industry. We also participate in and sponsor regular safety seminars.

Pilot education is important to us!

Ground schools are offered throughout the year for our members. We want to be a source of education and pilot improvement in the community. We offer Commercial Pilot Ground School and a  Instrument Ground School at various times throughout the year. In addition, we have a monthly safety meeting the third Saturday of every month.

Why own your own aircraft when you can fly different aircraft at a fraction of the cost of operating one aircraft?

Our club membership gives you all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the expense of it. 

Imagine if you owned a C-172 Skyhawk and kept it  hangared at Valkaria Airport, X59. You would get a key to the airport and a key to your hangar. You would incur the following expenses:

Purchase of the aircraft: $25,000 to $300,000- depending on year and model.

Hangar: $3,274 per year.

Insurance: $1,000-$2,500 per year depending on pilot experience and hull value.

Maintenance: average $2,500 per year.

Engine allowance: $25-$40 per flight hour.

Fuel and oil

Compare this to being a club member. You still get an airport key and hangar key-you are welcome to use the hangar "club house" anytime you want.

$900 per year to cover the above fixed costs.

No buy in or monthly dues

$73 per hour covers maintenance, oil, and engine allowance.

You pay for the fuel.

We can do the same comparison for the C-182, C-195, and PA-28-180 . 

Why would you ever want to own your own airplane when you can fly so inexpensively as a club member? And fly an assortment of different aircraft?

Do the math!

At 24 hours per year our rates are comparable to an FBO rental rate-but most of these aircraft are not for rent at an FBO.  How about a C-182 with only 150 hours total time? After 24 hours the hourly rate really plummets as you fly more hours per year. Please compare the total cost of flying 50 or 75 hours per year with an FBO rental rate before you make your decision. And have this great insurance and maintenance!




There are currently four aircraft available for club members, a Cessna 172,   Cessna 182, Cessna 195, Piper PA-28-180  aircraft.  Aircraft chosen for the club are based on uniqueness and popularity, low operating costs, low fuel consumption, safety,  fun factor and classified as either a classic or contemporary aircraft (1946-1970).

Life is too short to fly boring aircraft!




There are a number of social opportunities occurring in the Space Coast area that are available to our club members. There is enough to keep you engaged and active! On a monthly basis we support the following social activities:

Every Thursday, October-June, Old Farts fly away, 

2nd Tuesday: EAA Chapter 1288 meeting.

2nd Saturday: club fly out-day trip or overnight-er

3rd Saturday: club meeting, safety presentation, aircraft washing, lunch

4th Saturday: club happy hour at the clubhouse





Aero Valkaria LLC performs it's own aircraft maintenance and has the facilities at X59 to address all aspects of General Aviation aircraft maintenance.

Flight instruction is also available to our club members, all ratings.

Instrument and Commercial ground schools are offered throughout the year. Private Pilot self study ground school is always available throughout the year.

Safety seminars on topics that are of interest to our members are conducted at each club meeting. Meetings are held after the pancake breakfast, the third Saturday of each month at 10:00.

 A good pilot never stops learning!

Contact Information

For membership specifics, please view our membership information page. For further inquiries about touring the club hangar and planes, please contact Frank Gallagher at or (321) 349-6228, or Christopher Niles at 321-292-0799.