Aero Club Valkaria

The social club that flies

"A social club that flies" is our motto. The purpose of our club is to provide well maintained aircraft to our club members, while providing a social aspect. Safety, proficiency, and fun are our club's goals.

Welcome to our Aero Club!

"A social club that flies" is our motto. The purpose of our club is to provide well maintained aircraft to our club members at  affordable rates, offer unique aircraft that you can't find or rent elsewhere,  provide excellent aviation educational opportunities, while providing a social aspect. Safety, education, and fun are our club's goals.

The Aircraft

Our club uses aircraft that are categorized as either classic(1945-1955) or contemporary (1956-1970).  These aircraft have stood the test of time from a maintenance, cost of acquisition, and safety point of view. Please take the time to check out the web pages dedicated to each plane to see pictures and more information about our fleet.

Take an airplane and fly away. Minimum daily usage is one hour per day!!

The Club

The club is operated as a Limited Liability Corporation, incorporated in the State of Florida. Members pay an annual fee, which covers aircraft fixed costs, and an hourly fee, which covers aircraft operating costs. Members pay for their own fuel.  An initial insurance checkout is required and administered by Frank Gallagher.   Sixty day currency is required per our insurance. 24 hours of flight time per year in club aircraft are required. Flight instruction is available for advanced ratings and Biennial Flight Reviews. 

Fixed costs are passed on to members as annual dues. They include hangar rental, aircraft insurance, Flight Schedule Pro, our website, and miscellaneous club expenses. There are NO monthly dues or aircraft buy-in.

There are three levels of membership, depending on the members aviation experience and ratings. Gold Wing membership flies our complex/multi-engine aircraft. Silver Wings membership  fly our high performance aircraft, our C-182 and Cessna 195. Bronze Wings membership  fly our C-172 and Piper Cherokee 180. A higher level of membership allows you to fly aircraft in the lower level of membership at no additional cost, after an aircraft checkout.

Members will share in the washing and waxing of aircraft. Besides keeping operating costs down it also builds a sense of camaraderie between members.

Our C-182 and PA-28-180 have current CBP stickers and FCC Radio Licenses. Go to the Islands-that's half the fun of living here!

Members receive their own key to the hangar so they can use the facilities whenever they want. They also get an airport gate pass.  Additionally, all members receive a name tag, which is "required" wearing at all social functions. We want you to act and feel as if the hangar is yours and you own the aircraft.

Educational Opportunities

We offer complete pilot training programs. With instructors and examiners on staff, this is an easy and fun opportunity for those of you who want to advance your ratings.

We use the Gleim system of study supplemented by the appropriate FAA Handbooks. We believe in a solid aviation education steeped on the basics.

Ratings we offer are Private Pilot ASEL, Commercial Pilot ASEL, Instrument, ATP, Certified Flight Instructor Airplane, Instrument, and Conventional training (Tailwheel).

In addition, formal ground school courses are offered throughout the year.

During our monthly club meeting, (third Saturday of the month) we have a 30 minute educational presentation on items that are of interest to our members.

A smart pilot is always learning!

The Club House

We have a club house located in hangar C37 at Valkaria Airport. This is where most of our events occur. Besides the comfortable lounge furniture, we keep a refrigerator full of beverages, a gas grill ready for a quick hamburger, a professional library, and a flight planning area. As a club member you are welcome to "hang" at any time in our club house. Please bring you r family and guests-Valkaria Airport is beautiful, especially at night-enjoy it!

Yes, we have solved the problem of ground transportation once you arrive at your destination-two fold up bikes with carrying cases. And they actually fit in the aircraft. 20 inch wheels, dual brakes, and break down and assembly in less than 30 seconds. Plus-what a work-out! Available to club members on a first come-first serve basis.

Monthly Happy Hour

We meet as a club the last Saturday of every month at 1800 hours in the club house to enjoy Happy Hour together. Bring your own food and booze, throw it on the grill and enjoy the company of the other members and their friends. There is no fee, and everyone is welcome, Valkaria Airport at night is one of the most beautiful spots around!

Monthly Fly Out

The second Saturday of every month is reserved for our monthly fly out. We fly to interesting places, enjoy the food and take in the sites. Members are requested to reserve their aircraft early and are welcome to fly along with other members. Announcements are made at the beginning of every month and posted on our website calendar.

Membership Rates

Annual club membership date is March 1st.  Membership is for a one year period. Billing for aircraft rental is done monthly. Members pay for their flight instruction as they go. Once checked out, they are billed monthly.

There are three levels of membership, depending on the type of equipment you desire to fly. A higher level of membership allows you to fly aircraft in the lower level of membership, once checked out. 


The Gold Wings membership allows you to fly our complex/multi-engine aircraft. Annual dues are TBD.   You can also fly the C-195, C-182, PA-28-180, and C-172 at no additional membership costs.


 The Silver Wings membership allows you to fly the high performance C-182 and  C-195. Annual dues for 2019 are $1400.00. Aircraft rental is $113.00/hour dry. You can also fly the PA-28-180 and C-172 at no additional membership costs.


The Bronze Wings membership allows you to fly the C-172 and PA-28-180.  Annual dues for 2019 are $900.00. Aircraft rental is $73.00/hour dry for the C-172 and $86.00/hour dry for the PA-28-180.


Billing is done by  Hobbs time.  Since this is a club where you get to be as close to an owner as possible, we encourage you to take cross countries. You are billed a minimum of one hour per day when taking the aircraft on a cross country flight.


Scheduling is done online via Flight Schedule Pro on a first come basis.  Club Saturday fly-away's, when scheduled, have priority over flight training. We attempt to schedule a monthly fly-away to an interesting destination, have an event, eat at a local establishment, and either fly home or spend the night.


Payment is expected within 15 days of billing. Monies can be placed on account and drawn against.


You are required to fly 24 hours per year in a club aircraft. That's two hours per month! Maintaining currency and proficiency insures us the lowest insurance rates. Failure to obtain your 24 hours in a year will result in you paying the difference. Additionally, we have a 60 day currency requirement. If you fail to fly within a 60 day period you will need to get a dual flight with one of our  instructors to obtain currency.

Insurance Information

Our liability insurance is $1 million/$1 million combined single liability-this is a great policy from USAIG, one of the most reputable underwriters in the industry. Hull deductible is $250 per incident in-motion, $250 deductible not-in-motion. Medical is $3,000. 

Pilot minimums to rent our aircraft after checkout are:

C-172                                     Student Pilot

PA-28-180                            Student Pilot

C-182                                     Private Pilot, 150 hours TT, 10 hours high performance

C-195                                     Private Pilot, Insurance approval

Check out is to your level of experience and proficiency.

Pilots desiring to fly IFR have to maintain IFR currency.

Our location at Valkaria Airport(X59) is ideal.  Located 10 NM south of Melbourne International Airport (KMLB), the little extra drive time is worth it.  Without the Part 139 restrictions that other airports suffer, we have the flexibility to conduct our club activities with relative freedom. Hence, flour bombing contests, pumpkin drops, landing contests, and numerous social events are allowed. Plus, the place is so quiet and beautiful, especially at night. Grab a beer out of the refrigerator, pull up a chair and join us as we bark at the moon!

Involved in Aviation

As a club we are involved in the aviation community. We support the following organizations, either by attendance or membership. Their magazines are available in our club house.

Local Organizations:

Melbourne Area Pilots Association

EAA Chapter 1288 (Valkaria Airport)

Valkaria Airport Association

Boy Scouts-aviation merit badge adviser and supporter

FAASTeam Melbourne Florida

State Organizations:

Florida Cub Flyers

Old Farts Flyers

National Organizations:

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Experimental Aircraft Association

Vintage Aircraft Association

Cessna Pilot Association

International C-195 Club

Piper Flyers Organization

National Association of Flight Instructors

Society of Aviation and Flight Educators

Contact Information

For membership inquiries and further information, please contact Frank Gallagher or Christopher Niles.