Aero Club Valkaria

The social club that flies

"A social club that flies" is our motto. The purpose of our club is to provide well maintained aircraft to our club members, while providing a social aspect. Safety, proficiency, and fun are our club's goals.

Flight is one of the greatest of all human experiences. Learning to fly is a challenge and also a lot of fun, an experience that will open your eyes to a new world and make you part of an elite group. Bring a willingness to learn, a dedication to finish the effort, and a positive attitude. We will do the rest!

Flight Instruction is available to our members. Our training emphasizes a strong foundation in the basics, which serves as a basis for all future flying. Aero Club Valkaria uses the Gleim system of flight training which consists of a complete pilot kit and an on-line learning test preparation syllabus. We are a dealer for the Gleim line of products and pass this savings on to you. 

Our flight training philosophy is based on a strong understanding and application of the basics. Aircraft control through proper attitude control, scanning techniques, use of trim, and cockpit resource management are tools and techniques that have to be mastered in the beginning of any flight training program. The Federal Aviation Administration handbooks are used as the basis. From a fundamentally sound background in flight, an transition can easily occur to more advanced aircraft and cockpits.

Ground school classes are provided to members on a regular basis. Instrument Pilot and Multi-engine Pilot ground school courses will be conducted this fall 2016. Commercial pilot course will be conducted this coming spring 2017. All courses are oriented towards passing the FAA Knowledge Test and providing a strong basis for you flight activities.

The club has a full time flight instructor, a part time instructor and a FAA pilot examiner to provide you with the training you desire.

The following training can be provided:

  • Light Sport Pilot (your aircraft)
  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Instructor: Airplane/Instrument/Multi-engine
  • Airline Transport Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Tail-wheel Endorsement (your aircraft)
  • Biennial Flight Review
  • Night Currency
  • Instrument Currency
  • "Pinch Hitter" course (for your "co-pilot")
  • Form 709 training