Aero Club Valkaria

The social club that flies

"A social club that flies" is our motto. The purpose of our club is to provide well maintained aircraft to our club members, while providing a social aspect. Safety, proficiency, and fun are our club's goals.

All of our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards. Maintenance is done at our facility at Valkaria airport in adjacent hangar to our clubhouse. Rod Kern, our Director of Maintenance, provides excellent service and experience to the club. Club members are greatly encouraged to participate in our aircraft maintenance for all of our 50 hour, 100 hour, and annual inspections. This provides excellent ownership experience for club members, while sharing the load financially and physically. A regular schedule of washing and waxing the aircraft is maintained, to keep our aircraft clean and presentable. 

Members are required to clean up their aircraft after each flight and secure it properly. We always want to leave it for the next club member in a very clean and presentable condition.